Up Close with the Beauty of Crystallization

People often believe that watching droplets of salt-saturated water crystallize would be extremely boring. But after watching this video, you might just change your perception of this, especially something as cool and calming as this.

Being a talented filmmaker, as well as a well-respected professor at the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), Yan Liang set out to compare how a natural reaction would appear in a beautiful work of art. So he resorted to showing crystallization or rather, evaporation of water in a stunning time-lapse video.

Titled “Crystallization2,” the breathtaking video shows how salt molecules crystallize when droplets of water evaporate. Although the scientific procedure at work isn’t explained in the video (perhaps not to stress us out by making us think too hard) the entire process reveals the magic of natural chemistry.

While vividly showing what happens when salt particles evaporate, this mesmerizing 4K time-lapse video clearly demonstrates that science can be downright beautiful: way more cool than we could ever imagine. Take a look!