This dude decided to come clean, well in a way, about his use of steroids…for over 25 years!

Rich Piana lives in a world of complete excesses: from his sprawling mansions, his first lane lifestyle, to his nine gut-busting meals a day and his insanely huge body weighing 310 pounds. He’s achieved all these at a hefty price-tag of having used steroids for 27 years.

Piana, who hails from Los Angeles, California, was introduced to the world of weightlifting and bodybuilding by his bodybuilding mother at a tender age of eleven. Four years later, he was competing in his first bodybuilding event, but failed to win the competition, an occurrence that went on until he reached 18 when he chose to turn to steroids at a tender age to help him win.

Since then, the 45-year-old has been using steroids consistently and has taken to discussing the risks of using steroids on his popular YouTube channel. He proudly insists that he’s happy with his life, his choices, his body and doesn’t regret the decisions he took in life.

“If you have the option of doing steroids or staying natural, stay natural. There’s no good reason for doing steroids because you’re hurting your body and hurting yourself,” he sincerely admits in one of his videos.

While he’s been taking a heap load of critisism for taking steroids, Piana admits that his honesty, sincerity and straightforwardness on using steroids have earned him many people’s respect and trust.