The World’s Coolest Sandwich is Here

If you thought sandwiches got boring and nothing really cool has been thought of in a while, well have we got something for you…a fully loaded Spaghetti Grilled Cheese Sandwich that will give you a truckload of food for thought.

This mouthwatering offering from Burnt Crumbs is raking in fans from all over the internet, and of course, while most of us can just stare and ogle over the dreamy experience that one of these culinary delights might offer us, anyone who visits the Burnt Crumbs outlets in Pacific City and Los Olivos are doing it in drives.

Loaded with spaghetti and cheese, this $9 sandwich is one that can not only satiate your appetite, but will also give your eyes a sight to behold.

Here are a few images and videos to prove just that!

If you haven't tried our spaghetti grilled cheese yet, you are soooo missing out. Get yourself over here and head to the beach on this beautiful sunny day with one of these things!!! ???????????? Awesome photo by ?? @hangryadventures #happythursday #spaghetti #grilledcheese #sandwich #lunch

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Maybe the Best Sandwich Ever 5

Living that carb life at @burntcrumbs #burntcrumbs #foodieheaven

If you can’t latch on to one of these pieces of heaven just yet, you can at least lock on to the Instagram page of Burnt Crumbs or their website, to find out all you can on this amazing sandwich as well as some of their other equally lip-smacking creations.

The World’s Coolest Sandwich 01

The World’s Coolest Sandwich 02

The World’s Coolest Sandwich 03

The World’s Coolest Sandwich 04

The World’s Coolest Sandwich 05