The question that has plagued man for centuries is not finally going to be answered…ok maybe its not that big of a question, but we kinda want to know.

Answer this. What do marshmallows in a vacuum do? No, this isn’t the setup for a joke. We know it sounds like one that might have a great punch line. But no, its in fact  a real question that came to  the scientific / weird / adventurous / childish / brilliant mind of this crazy Russian dude, who not only answers it, but shows us what happens too.

Taras Kulakov, who is known online as the Crazy Russian Hacker, is quite a phenomenon on YouTube, Vine, Instagram and Facebook.  He regularly shares with his legion of fans the interesting, read absurd, experiments and crazy observations.

So what actually happens to a marshmallow when they are put into a vacuum environment?Probably not what you’d think and you can see the video to find out.

Pretty interesting eh! You can also check out his other Hack on the many uses of forks that you probably hadn’t thought.