In theory, it could be on your back, your toes, your feet or even your arms, but it doesn’t matter where it is, map tattoos are some of the coolest ink around.

People often struggle to make a call on what kind of tattoo to get. Some look for inspiration, some strive for something that lets them remember and some use it to make personal journeys.  One of the most popular and visually stunning are the map tattoos that can take on the intricacies on a global scale or be as hyper local as you want. And for those who love cartography there is never a lack of source materials for creativity and design intricacy.

One fascinating thing about map tattoos is that they can be a beautiful and pure way of expressing elegance. You can use map tattoos to bring out different meanings and messages, such as in keeping the memory of your birthplace, country or many places that you’ve traveled to and promised yourself to never forget. A c can also portray your life journey; your past, present and even your future.

Getting a map tattoo of a given place, country or even the world is a good way of showing your passion and individuality. Here are some gorgeous map tattoos that will have you drooling with envy.