You won’t believe how good this make up artist is.

It’s amazing when talent and art meet up on a canvas that gives the artist plenty of room to explore. It’s even more amazing when the canvas offers limited opportunities and yet, does little to stop the artist’s skills and dedication.

One look at Saida Mickeviciute’s work will tell you just how good some creations can be, even if the canvas is as limited as the human face.

A Lithuanian student living in London, Mickeviciute is a self-taught artist and her canvas is the human face. You guessed it! This 19-year old is a makeup artist, and one look at her creations will tell you that she’s certainly no ordinary one.

Well, we’ll let her work do the talking to her and here are some of her creations that truly stand out.

This is one of her latest works and it does take a while for you to figure out that this one is actually a human face you’re looking at.

This is how one of her creations look under neon lights.

In this one, clothes come into play to accentuate her Greek goddess look.

This one, not everybody may be able to stomach, but whether you are comfortable with the work or not, you are certainly impressed by the detailing.

Here’s the terrorizing maniac of the Saw series coming to life.

In this one, she has effortlessly transforms a beautiful girl into a young dude, and a pretty handsome one at that.

These are plain gory or terrifying.

She even used tiny props to enhance her works.

And clothes seem to be her forte too.

Mickeviciute is into sketches too, proving that her skills certainly aren’t limited only to the human face.

And for the complete collection of works Mickeviciute has put her skills into, you can visit her Instagram page. Do remember to follow her, we are sure she’ll keep bringing you loads of amazement.