Well maybe not magic, but certainly a feat in design and engineering.

With swimming pools moving from a luxury item to some sort of a necessity, a nice home would almost feel incomplete without one. And while pools can be an amazing way of beating the heat or taking a breather, they can pose serious safety threats or turn out to be massive wastes of space, especially if there are kids or pets around.


To ensure that these problems are a thing of the past, AGOR, a company that specializes in crafting, manufacturing and installing high-end mechanical swimming pools, has come up with a “disappearing” swimming pool concept that’s perhaps the coolest pool of all time.

True to that description, the “disappearing” pool is an absolutely elite amenity, particularly to the wealthy and can be categorized in the same fold as heated bathroom floors and parking elevators.


With a modern-looking folding wooden deck, the pool is structured with a water-based hydraulic system that’s controlled by a button to instantly turn the swimming pool area into a patio that’s completely safe. In other words, the wooden deck can perfectly support hundreds of kilograms per square meter; thereby safe to walk on, run on or have an explosive dance party with friends and family.

And because the wooden deck makes the swimming pool below totally inaccessible when the system is deployed, this ‘magic’ pool concept is definitely far safer than normal pool covers. It’s just snazzy, cool and marvelously futuristic. We’ll take one…we wish!