This levitating planter looks to change the way we take care of our plants.

You’ll probably remember earlier in the year when the internet lost its mind over the magically flying bonsai trees. Well, another novel Kickstarter campaign is now taking the idea to a whole new level.

For over a year now, Swedish-American scientist Simon Morris has been tirelessly working on a plant pot that can mysteriously defy gravity and levitate plants to grow while suspended in the air. Known as LYFE, this oak-based planter is structured by a strong magnet that enables it to float mid-air in a zero-gravity growing system.

lyfeYou’re likely to be hypnotized by this planter as it lets your plants not only float, but also rotate in a gentle 360⁰. This will perfectly expose every part of the plant to sunlight and is much better compared to when the plant is in a stationary position.

lyfe2To make it even more fabulous, this floating planter has a hidden drainage system that controls the quantity of water that goes into the reservoir, thereby preventing issues such as over-watering or under-watering. If you fancy having your home plants in this magical planter, you’ll just have to be a little patient as it has just reached its Kickstarter target and news of production will forthcoming.


Undoubtedly, this planter looks super cool; you’d be tempted to spend a considerable portion of your time just staring at it.