There’s a park in China where luxury cars are abandoned.

Picture this an impressive lineup of dozens of high end cars including a couple of Bentleys, three Mercs and even a couple of tough-looking Land Rovers. Oh, and there is the run of the mill list made up of Audis, Hyundais, as well as a few motorbikes to boot too.

Which place do you imagine when you picture such an amazing lineup of machines? A rich tycoon’s garage maybe? Or at least a top end parking lot in one of the core financial districts of any of the world’s richest cities?


Well, what if we told you that these are all actually gathering dust in a rundown parking lot in China! You would think we’re joking, right? We assure you we are not.


In Chengdu, China lies a parking lot where a couple of hundred cars and motorbikes are simply rotting away, and yes, just as we told you, the lot does have its share of Bentleys, Mercedes Benzes and Land Rovers.


The story behind this oddity is that the cars and bikes lying here have some issue or other attached to them, which has prevented their owners from taking them away and putting them to the use they were manufactured for. Some owners simply do not have the right paperwork, because of which their vehicles have been impounded, while others are stuck in the rut for playing a role in criminal cases.


So what does this lineup look like in hard cash? At least on paper the Bentleys alone – a Bentley Continental GT and a Bentley Flying Spur – add up to around £300,000 or 3 million Yuan, so you can only imagine the tall figures that eventually add up in this dilapidated parking lot alone.


Authorities are struggling with the numbers that only seem to be getting bigger, and while there are a few that find their way out of this car cemetery through auctions, it remains a mystery why these excellent machines such as these are gathering dust this way.