These ‘Floating’ Invisible Bicycles are Absurdly Cool

Chinese artist Zhao Huasen has put his manipulative photography and experimental skills to good use by creating a cool collection of images that show cyclists pedaling through city streets on invisible bikes.
In a series titled ‘Floating’, Zhao captured hundreds of bicyclists going about their everyday bicycle rides. He subsequently deletes the bicycles from the photos using digital techniques, but leaves the shadows of the bikes in place on the streets below.
Invisible Bicycles 01
Through his erasure technique, Zhao ensures that the cyclists appear frozen in the air while the seriousness in their faces as they ride around remains evident. The fact that these riders are oblivious to their priceless part in Zhao’s magical photography world makes the entire series even more captivating.Invisible Bicycles 02

Even though bikes are a commonly boring transport system in China, Zhao brings a humorous side to it. He perhaps highlights how the importance of bikes in the daily lives of the Chinese people is so invisible not just to the riders themselves, but also to the rest of the world.

Invisible Bicycles 03

Invisible Bicycles 04

Invisible Bicycles 06

Invisible Bicycles 07

Invisible Bicycles 05