London’s Kew Garden is Now a Temporary Home to ‘The Hive’

Think of a beehive and you imagine an elaborate structure designed by bees to keep their colony thriving. Of course, the brilliant architecture of a beehive has always fascinated man and now, 44 tons of aluminum is paying homage to this wonder of nature.

‘The Hive’ is an artistic installation representing the beehive, a 56-feet tall structure produced by renowned artist Wolfgang Buttress and engineer Tristan Simmonds.

‘The Hive’ first came under the artistic limelight at the Milan Expo 2015 at the UK Pavilion where the installation won the gold award for architecture and landscape. The installation won quite a few admirers back then, so it only made sense to have this piece of art find a permanent home for those who wanted to take a second look. So now, London’s Kew Garden will be home to the extraordinary installation for more than a year – it was installed on June 18th and will remain a key attraction at the garden until November 2017.


Thousands of pieces of aluminum make up this unique installation that undoubtedly looks just like a beehive, and the hundreds of LED lights strategically placed in the structure accompany the soundtrack of the buzzing of bees.

This isn’t just a random feature though, and the way this artificial hive acts is actually a representation of the activities of real bees that are housed at Kew. So when you see something happening within this structure, you know this it is all a smart replication of the mood in the actual hive of these tiny yet highly influential insects.


There is a hidden agenda behind attracting visitors too, and this represents the arrival of worker bees to the hive after they have gone about their duties of pollination in the world outside.

While installations usually stop at design, ‘The Hive’ is a lot more than brilliant architecture at play, and if you wish to know more about bees and beehives, or simply experience how it would be to live in a structure that’s as close to this habitat as possible, London’s Kew Garden is where you should be headed.