This is the two sides of London…literally. Very cool project by filmmaker.

Every city has two sides; the one that happens under the sun and the one that appears under the stars at night. While it’s often fantastic to explore both sides of the city during the day and at night, it’s impossible to do so simultaneously. However, filmmaker Matel has created this unique time-lapse video that shows various London landmarks during the day and at night in a side-by-side concept.

Matel captured this cool video using a Sony A7Rii, and because it’s not a regular time-lapse clip, he concedes that it required a whole new level of creativity to overcome the challenges involved in creating such a stunning video.

“It was so challenging to shoot in London using a tripod, especially in having to get the camera positioned in exactly the same spot and in the same direction both during the day and at night,” he says.

Well the challenges prove to be ones that we’re well worth it as you’ll see in this cool video.