Living the Zach Both Life in his Extraordinary Van is Now DIY Stuff

If you haven’t heard of Zach Both, we’ll forgive you, but you won’t want to forgive yourself if you don’t check this out. We could all could draw some inspiration from this young man, and do things differently the next time around – like maybe traveling in a van that’s converted into a cozy little home and studio! And if you don’t know how to go about it, Both has created a detailed outline on how to get the job done, and it’s all in there in “The Vanual”!

The story began when 23-year old Both decided that a job behind a desk was just not helping him live his dream of being a filmmaker, a dream he had been nurturing since he was 10.

So instead of waiting for an opportunity to pop up at his doorstep, Both quit his job, modified an old Chevy van to the hilt, and revamped it into a modern mobile studio. And when it was ready to accompany him on his dreams – doubling up as a contemporary work as well as living space – off he went.

How good is this van?

“My friends who are my age say, ‘It’s way nicer than the apartment I’m living in.’” says Both,

and one look at this van and its interiors will have you agreeing with his friends.

And now, Both goes wherever he wishes, collaborating with artists he finds on his travels and creating short films through these creative partnerships. Oh, and those amazing photographs of him, his van, and his travels makes for some amazing viewing.

thevanual 09

thevanual 06

thevanual 08

thevanual 07

thevanual 05

thevanual 04

thevanual 03

thevanual 02

thevanual 01

Of course, his professional work is extraordinary as well.




If you’re impressed with what this young path breaker has achieved and wish to follow Both’s footsteps at least on the van front (we are sure you have dreams of your own to chase), Both has “The complete guide to complete freedom” to help you do just that!

“From beginning to end, this guide will walk you through the DIY process of building a sweet converted campervan,”

promises Both on this special website that hosts this manual, and we know he has done his best to inspire other dreamers like him.

Kudos to this guy for taking his dreams to that one place they were supposed to go – out on the open road.