The Backyard boys are at it again and playing with bullets.

For those who don’t know, traditional bullets are so deadly because they’re made from flaming metals such as lead, which is a relatively smooth metal that deforms on impact and expands inside whatever it hits inflicting more injury and damage to the surrounding area.

But as the Backyard Scientist now shows us, liquid metals that are softer than lead such as sodium or potassium have even more pronounced effects when they come into contact with any object. The wacky Backyard Scientist guys removed factory lead bullets and replaced the magazines with liquid metals sodium and potassium in what they termed the “world’s first liquid metal bullets.” These metals are specially known to react vigorously (and at times violently) with water or oxygen due to their low density.
Using a high speed video, the guys showed the insane demolition that their gimmick ammunition caused on soft and moist targets such watermelons. The bullets make one heck of an explosive reaction that’s far worse than the ones made by flaming metals such as lead. We just wonder what the reaction would be had they put Oobleck in place of the watermelon.