This Canadian makeup artist displays some mad makeup skills.

When it comes to creating alluring and eye-catching smiles, some people like Andrea Reed really have the power to take their lip game to a whole new level. When we brought you the incredible works of Kay Pike, the talented artist who used her own body as the canvas, we pointed out that the world needs more of these rare breed of uniquely talented artists. Well, it turns out that there’s even more of these amazingly talented people out there in the makeup game.

Andrea Reed, who works under the name Girl Grey Beauty, transforms her lips into tiny beautiful works of art. Her wonderful work has earned her a huge following on social media with more than 118,000 followers on Instagram alone.

From paintings by legendary artists to tartans and highly saturated honeycombs, the Canadian makeup artist’s tiny artworks are inspired with things she encounter in her daily life. They are precise and so detailed that it’s hard to believe that they are done with makeup.

Check out a sampling of some of her gorgeous work.