Lego Subway Meals will Get You Salivating

These Lego Subway sculptures by Bruce Lowell are so ‘sumptuous’ that they may leave you salivating over.  Seriously though, you’ll have to squint your eyes a bit to confirm whether they’re real or not.

While it would be a regrettable act given the repercussions that would come with consuming Lego bricks, these lunchtime treats look so real that you’d want to lick them just to confirm if they taste the same. Coming in form of a combo meal, this mouth watering Lego Subway meal features a tall bag of French fries, a notable soda cup and yummy-looking burger.

We aren’t sure what was going on in Lowell’s mind when he was creating these cool Subway meals using Lego bricks. Nonetheless, we particularly love the way he intricately creates the wavy texture of raw red onions on the burger. It’s purely brilliant!