As a child, most of us probably had some dreamy jobs. Few would possibly deny that one of their dream jobs during their childhood was to play with toys and get paid for it. Well, you can still regress to that childhood dream and apply for a job at the world renowned Lego, which is now hiring individuals with ‘good knowledge of Lego parts’ and ‘Lego building experience’.

According to Merlin Entertainment, the owner of Lego theme parks, they have already hired 50 Lego builders and still need twenty more to fill the remaining vacancies. Having an artistic education may be a plus when applying for this job, but not a must. Instead, being humorous and having a strong focus may be your greatest weapon. In their job description, Merlin Entertainment notes that having good communication skills, a positive attitude, and good craftsmanship are so important in this job. They also note that being patient and having a sense of humor is great.

Outside of the United States, Lego have bases in Europe notably in the UK, Germany and Denmark, as well as in the United Arab Emirates and Malaysia. However, these available vacancies are thought to be in Lego factory in Winter Haven, Florida. The hiring process is believed to be intensive and involving multiple interviews such as timed builds, ‘freestyle’ builds, as well as a background check in terms of passion on Lego builds.

For adult Lego fans, this may be the best opportunity of dropping a resume and following your path to a dream job.