The cool kids in Singapore are at it again, bringing us yet another trend and this time its ink that blacks out other tattoos.

Now this is the true definition of dedication, and if you’re still weighing whether to get that rose tattoo that you promised yourself at the beginning of the year, this might not be your thing. This is because blackout tattoos require total dedication. It’s not a tattoo trend that you’re going to have today then have it laser removed tomorrow.


But for a bunch of ‘dedicated’ tattoo lovers, they’re going all in and getting solid blank ink. This unique and eccentric tattoo trend has become a major hit on Instagram after artist; Chester Lee of Oracle Tattoo shop in Singapore posted some of his amazing blackout shots.

The talented artist has been specializing in blackout tattoos for around five years and while solid black inking has been used in tribal tattooing for many centuries, it was only after Chester had posted an image of a woman he had inked with a large blackout design on her chest and arms that people actually began taking notice of this technique.


Chester admits that he generally uses blackout tattoos on his clients to cover old and unwanted tattoos and the intense process, Chester says;

“Pain-wise, it hurts a lot and it can take more than 20 hours to properly finish a black piece.”

So before going for it, remember that this is not for the faint of heart and its an all in decision.