Why not.  If you have a Lambo and are a pro freestyle skier, why not take your Lamborghini up and down the side of a glacier and love it.

Famous Swedish freestyle pro skier and petrol head Jon Olsson is our kind of cool guy. In this fun video, he shows us something that you obviously don’t see on a daily basis.  Olsson takes a customized Lamborghini Murcielago up a Norwegian glacier and it’s well, basically awesome.

Olsson customized his Lambo by giving it a rear-wheel-drive 640-HP and fitted it with monster tires that had 16mm spikes to give it maximum grip before taking to the summit of Fonna Glacier Ski Resort in Norway.  As he says in the clip, the aim is to have fun and it even becomes a little more interesting taking when a slalom course is created for the Italian supercar.

While many car enthusiasts dream about owning a Lambo they never probably think of how the supercar would perform on snow and ice, but this video is a true testament that it’s in fact possible to drive one of these amazing machines across a frozen landscape and definitely have a pretty damn good time.