Giant 45 Ton Moving Sculpture of Franz Kafka is a Sight to Behold.

Walking around Prague, the capital city of Czech Republic, comes with many twists and advantages. Apart from giving you the chance of finding little hidden gems, taking a walk through downtown Prague brings you to terms with a fascinating moving piece of art that will perhaps make you realize how importantly Franz Kafka is revered in this part of the world.

For those who don’t know, Kafka was one of the well-regarded figures of literature in the 20th century. His was widely known for his works that fantastically fused the elements of realism and the incomprehensible predicaments of social-bureaucratic powers of that time.

That aside, this head statue really reflects what Kafka was as a thinker. Created in 2014 by David Cerny, a local famous or infamous artist (depending on the kind of art you conform to), this 35-foot-tall head sculpture is  42-layer of stainless steel that twists and spins in a constant state of metamorphosis while mirroring the ever-busy Quadrio shopping center.
While we believe that Kafka would be proud of the sculpture’s very interesting design and concept.

kafka-1 kafka-2 kafka-3 kafka-4