Pre-Caffeinated Toonies

Just like you and me, Australian artist Sam Milham is well aware that the world can be an utterly disgusting place before our first cups of coffee.  We can often appear absolutely useless before that cup of caffeine starts pumping and nobody should see us in such a state. To Sam, it’s the same scenario in the fantasy world of cartoons.

In this latest adventurous world of famous cartoons, Sam depicts the Toonies looking nauseatingly unhip without their morning caffeine fix. He creatively illustrates how pop cartoon figures such as Tweety Bird, SpongeBob, Jake, Pikachu, Jules Winnfield, Popeye and Homer Simpson among others look before their morning coffee.

While most of these cartoons are known for their high-energy and over-the-top daily life attitudes, Sam shows them in a completely different perspective that we aren’t accustomed to. Take for instance the normally tireless SpongeBob, Sam reimagines him as totally exhausted and with very sore eyes that look like they’re about to pop open the next second.

Of the entire collection, we think Fred Flintstone is in a really miserable shape. Sam illustrates him as having hit “substratum bottom” without the morning coffee coupled with a life of drug addiction. The whole collection is nevertheless so cool.

Pre-Caffeinated Cartoon Heroes 14

Pre-Caffeinated Cartoon Heroes 13

Pre-Caffeinated Cartoon Heroes 12

Pre-Caffeinated Cartoon Heroes 11

Pre-Caffeinated Cartoon Heroes 10