Photo Artist captures the beauty of the annual budding of the cherry blossoms from all angles.

It’s cherry blossom season in Japan, and as the nation’s national flower and a sign of the spring season (popularly known as the Sakura season), for renewal and simplicity, many people in the country step up their selfie game a notch higher to capture this beautiful pink flower.

It is that time of the year that people in Japan lose their minds. Hip Tokyo donut shops create donuts that look like cherry petals floating in the air. In the same spirit, Starbuck create super-sweet coffee with cherry latte just to show that this is a season to love. One person who has cherished this season for decades is Tokyo-based photographer extraordinaire Danilo Dungo.


Every springtime, Danilo heads to Inokashira Park to admire and capture the spectacular beauty that’s the cherry blossoms. This time though, he was surprised to notice that the fragrant pink flowers had stepped up their wow-game tenfold. The cherry blossoms flooded the Inokashira Park Lake and Danilo was more than glad to capture this astonishing scene using his drone camera.


He managed to capture a handful of glorious shots from various angles that display how the blossoms turn the water pink in a stunning yet surreal way. The fallen petals form artistic carpet patterns on the surface of water in scenes that last for about a fortnight, but Danilo allows you to view this cool beauty all year long through his captivating images.