Buildings without Nails: The Genius Craftsmanship of Japanese Carpentry

Who needs nails? Definitely not these Japanese builders. Using various traditional skills and crafts in combination with a high-tech twist, these builders showcase the Japanese art of ancient house framing using huge beams, mallets, chisels and pegs to construct a timeless house in record time.  Several centuries ago, when the industrial revolution hit the shores of certain countries, not many people would downplay the importance of nails in construction. These tiny steel objects became so significant that nobody would even think of doing a construction without them.

But because the Japanese have, for thousands of years, believed in their unique craftsmanship, they hereby showcase a traditional form of carpentry known as Miyadaiku.

As is shown in the video, Miyadaiku involves the elaborate use of wooden joints and pegs to bring and secure every part of the construction together. Going against the conventional practice of using nails to assemble structures together, these builders show off their amazing techniques by joining together huge timber frames, and in fact at a lighting pace.

What makes it even more incredible is the fact that this building can last hundreds of years without falling apart. What a cool and time-tested method of building!