Someone just paid over a half a million for what’s basically a shed!

San Francisco is frequently listed among the most expensive cities to live in not only in the U.S., but also in the world. Even though the tech hub is infamous for having some of the priciest houses in the country, there’s never a shortage of people willing to spend insane amounts to live there and enjoy the Pacific Coast sunshine.

To prove that this colorful city is not cheap, someone has spent what realtors now term as “an arm and a leg” to buy what’s probably the tiniest house on the city’s real estate market. While spending $550,000 on a house in San Francisco may seem affordable, you’ll probably agree that the individual in question spent a massive sum given that the house is only 363 square feet.


Having been known as a “studio cottage” by agents in the area, the single-family home is a 1916 white cottage with an open living-cum-bedroom, a small kitchen, a bathroom, as well as a tiny yard and stands on a 644-square feet plot of land. It’s located on 444 14th street in the desirable Sutro Heights area and had been in the market for $495,000, which is over $1500 per square foot and the current owner paid $55,000 more.

This astonishing price was probably jarred by the fact that it’s located a quiet distance from the street, an adorable factor that might have been of interest for San Francisco’s frustrated house hunters. Its interior is nonetheless stunningly beautiful, cool and awesome for a simple city life.


theres-ample-storage-space-and-a-mini-bathroom-off-to-the-side there-are-only-two-rooms--the-living-area-and-the-kitchen the-so-called-mini-mansion-is-well-laid-out-and-beautifully-decorated-by-the-former-owner the-person-who-lived-here-made-the-house-feel-impressively-large-with-a-couch-slash-bed-bright-white-walls-and-lots-of-light the-house-is-only-363-square-feet i-mean-who-wouldnt-want-to-cook-in-this-kitchen