It All Suddenly Makes Sense.

There are only two schools of thought when it comes to graffiti. People either love it, or hate it. And then, even those who love it rarely manage to make any sense out of it. After all, it is sometimes difficult to decipher those words that are spray painted on walls and street corners when the words are smudged with one another, and then have random designs on top of them that make it all the more difficult to know what’s hidden beneath.

Well, while most of us rarely give graffiti a second look, Mathieu Tremblin, a French artist, decided he would not only pay some attention to those writings on the wall, but even try and make sense out of it.

And here’s what Tremblin has accomplished.

By simply rewriting the graffiti in legible and visibly simple fonts, this artist has ended up rewriting the rules to graffiti. Well, almost – because the words that come forth rarely make any sense in spite of Tremblin’s tag clouds. Even so, it sure is a lot easier on the eyes. Here’s some of the graffiti surfaces that have now been revamped to look like legible tag clouds, thanks to this innovative street artist’s efforts.

This was how this pillar looked before.

Interpretive Work 1

And here’s how it looks after Tremblin decided to decipher the content.

Interpretive Work 2

Here’s how this wall on a street corner looked before.

Interpretive Work 3

And here’s how it looks now – a lot neater for sure.

Interpretive Work 4

Here are a couple of particularly difficult ones. We dare you to make sense out of these words without going crazy.

Interpretive Work 5

Interpretive Work 6

Tremblin managed it though, and we must say the effort makes these free for all canvases look a lot better.

Interpretive Work 7

Interpretive Work 8

Here’s the imgur page where you can catch up on all of Tremblin’s graffiti revamps. And do let him know if you have a particularly nasty graffiti neighborhood that needs some neat tag clouds, he might just show up and do a little magic.

Interpretive Work 9

Interpretive Work 10

Interpretive Work 11

Interpretive Work 12

Interpretive Work 13