Like we need one more reason to love chocolate.

This may come as a surprise to you, but there seem to be a new way of enjoying chocolate. A new startup Russian company known as IRONCHOCO has restored a vintage way of enjoying high-quality chocolate by molding them in form of household items and iron products such as spanners.

The truth is chocolate molds were first produced in the 19th century, but before then, chocolate had been a pleasure that could only be enjoyed in liquid form. Even though chocolate molds can be found pretty frequently these days, the innovative company uses natural chocolate, cocoa powder, latest food colors, as well as other special ingredients in producing their much sought after chocolate.

Iron Chocolate 14

These chocolate ‘items’ that range from flowers to various iron tools are then stylishly packed in beautiful boxes to give them that trendy and cool look. IRONCHOCO employs highly-skilled artisans that are also able to produce yummy chocolates in any type of customized form.

Better still, they give their clients the chance to select their personalized desirable shapes and style for their chocolate. This not only gives the company that is based in the Russian city of Orsk an edge over other chocolate mold companies, but is also an innovative way of keeping customers hooked to their chocolates forever.

Iron Chocolate 12

Iron Chocolate 13