This isn’t the first time students at Coláiste Lurgan, a Gaeltacht school, have performed a stunning version of a chart topping song

Coláiste Lurgan, located in the Irish-speaking area of Inverin, Ireland, has garnered recognition as a successful college since it first opened in 1966, however its more recent claim to fame is the popularity of their student’s Irish-language renditions of top hits – recorded and posted on their video channel on Youtube.

Most recent is their video performance of ‘Hello’, featuring student Shannon Bryan: her voice exhibits absolute richness in depth and her delivery is flawless. It’s what goosebumps are made from. Think you can’t make more goosebumps – wait until the choir joins in on chorus. Turn up the volume:

After watching the student’s rendition of ‘Wake Me Up’, completed a few years ago, we couldn’t resist adding it in..because we just wanted the goosebumps to keep coming:

There’s plenty more where that came from – all on their Youtube channel.