The Origin of Instant Noodles is as Explosive as a Samurai Warrior

You’ve probably tasted instant noodles and appreciated just how satisfying they are, but never wondered or bothered to discover its history. Well don’t worry that’s why we’re here and found this wickedly cool tribute that will not only enlighten you on the history of instant noodles, but will also make you learn some Japanese.

To give you a head start, the instant noodle was conceived in the 1950s by Momofuku Ando, the founding father of Nissin noodle brands. This easy-to-make delicacy is considered by many as Japan’s greatest 20th century discovery. So this impressive 90 seconds clip highlights just that by paying a captivating tribute to Momofuku while giving a condensed history of a unique and world-famous product with a humble origin.

The amazing black and white animation is accompanied by a Japanese rap track and becomes even more extraordinary as a result of its outstanding hard-boiled visual style. The creators of the clip incorporated unusual dark shadows to depict the tough and mysterious beginning of instant noodles. It paints Momofuku as an enigmatic Samurai warrior, who had to go against all odds in a devastated post-war Japan to invent instant noodles.

At the end of the clip, the rap lyrics refer to Momofuku as the “Originator” and we certainly have no qualms with that.

An Ode To The Instant Ramen Noodle 1

An Ode To The Instant Ramen Noodle 2

An Ode To The Instant Ramen Noodle 3

An Ode To The Instant Ramen Noodle 4