Well sort of…its the latest Instagram challenge for artsts.

Autumn Massaquoi may have just turned 17, but the student from London kicked off an amazing trend on Instagram with a hashtag #stylechallenge in which artists are challenged to transform their own artworks into characters from popular cartoon shows.

This trend challenged artists to use their own unique style to create a self-portrait before adapting it to other cartoon styles of their own liking. In taking on this challenge, various artists showcase their impressive animation styles by depicting diverse cartoon characters from famous pop culture shows.

This simple challenge offers upcoming artists an opportunity to show off their skills and we’re certainly impressed with what we’ve seen so far. Most of these artists use their creativity to turn their drawings into some of the most popular characters such as The Simpsons, Powerpuff Girls, Disney Princess, Family Guy and The Boondocks.

Here are some of our favorites. You can move over to Instagram for more.