These Delicious Food Sculptures will Make You Hungry

Taking a look at great looking food and feeling the hunger to munch them is one thing, but looking at these incredibly made miniature food sculptures by Kimberley Burke is something totally different. To be honest, Kim’s creations are so scrumptious that they won’t just make you hungry, but will probably make you crave for them.

Kim is so addicted to clay polymers that she’s turned it into her medium for creating delectable food sculptures. The American started making miniatures back in 2008 as a favorite past time, but has now turned it into a full-fledged business with her visually enticing creations available at her Etsy shop.

On the menu, you’re likely to choose from a range of food creations including fried eggs, bread, fruits, chicken and pancakes among others. They may be tiny in size, but are highly detailed and so real. Just don’t take a bite.