A bookstore in China uses optical illusions to entrance its visitors.

A reality-bending bookstore recently opened up on the banks of the Qiantang River in Hangzhou, China, and you’ll probably get carried away by the unique optical illusion that the place has to offer besides unending layers of shelves holding endless books.

Opened on World Book Day, the store that was created by XL-Muse Designers and was made in such a way that it looks vast with never-ending space. While that’s not actually the truth, the designers intricately applied a visceral experience in the form of illusive mirrors and unconventional floor plans that are designed with high attention to detail that magically distort how the shopper interprets the place.

As a futuristic book gallery, this store includes multi-layered reading area, playful children’s section and theatrical infinite study lounge. This unique venue calls for curious shoppers who are ready to experience various atmospheric changes as they drastically move from one room to another. It’s probably almost akin to the iconic Trinity College Library if not for its cooler, futuristic and illusive approach.