Limited time offering has donut fans in a frenzy.

The Big Apple is known to give you the treat of your life, whether it is the sights the city offers, or the food. Of course, donuts are a big part of the culinary scene here and for some New Yorkers, are a part of their staple diet too.

The Cinnamon Snail Bakery in the city has its share of fans too, and is well known for a few of its quirky delights.

Through a move the store made in the last week of May though, it has certainly gained at least a few hundred more!

The bakery gave donut enthusiasts the Inception Donut, a large maple raspberry stuffed donut, decorated with three smaller donuts, which were again topped with smaller ones of their own. The final count on that single piece of heaven? A whopping 13!

Hey, don’t start packing your bags for a trip to NYC just yet! This was only a limited time offer from the store, although we are sure that by the fan following these donuts are gaining on the internet, the bakery will think twice about making it a regular affair.

So, the next time you are in visiting the Big Apple, you just might be able to grab a bite of this unique 13-in-1 donut!