Ingenuous artist ads another layer to her videos.

Yoyo the Ricecorpse is one heck of an artist. Using her amazing Photoshop skills, the talented artist blends her original photography with hand-drawn illustrations to produce cool images of various characters in an anime world.


For instance, the Japanese artist uses animation GIF to come up with a flabby character that seems to enjoy living in a teapot or idling around in an urban setting. According to her, the unique form of art is drawn from the works of animator Hayao Miyazaki, whom she derives her inspiration from. She uses her incredible talent to create large narratives using just a few frames of animations.


Working fulltime as an animator and illustrator in London, Yoyo has now created her eerie characters into an assortment of objects such as pins, shirts and buttons, which are available on her Etsy Shop. We are particularly in love with the hand-playing bunny; it’s so cool yet so humorous.