Artist renders packaging of popular products with the actual calorie counts.

Let’s be honest; summer is here, but unfortunately, many of us haven’t achieved their summer body goals probably due to unhealthy eating habits tailored around excessive consumption of calories. While many are going to frown upon this; it’s utterly true that we can’t resist over indulging in our favorite snacks despite their calories dangers.

Now, would knowing the amount of calories you ingest every time you consume your favorite junk put you off eating them? We aren’t sure. Nonetheless, that’s what a social media account has been up to.

Known as Calorie Brands, the Instagram account has amassed a huge following in a couple of days with their “honest” images of popular takeaways and junk food that show the brand logo swapped for the food’s dreaded number of calories.

So if you’re scrolling down your favorite Instagram photos while tucking into a tub of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, you may be halted halfway to learn that it’s packed with 1,200 calories. Or you may just have to reconsider using your favorite jar of Nutella in the morning if you learn that it will add 4,520 calories into your bloodstream. It’s all about making cool choices.

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