Even though bitter winter periods such as the snowpocalypse that has been witnessed on the East Coast may hinder lots of activities and turn to a season of complaints, it is a period that is always full of phenomenon activities that can come in form of an arctic expedition being brought right at your doorstep. That said, blowing soap bubbles are always fun especially during the summer, but they get even more stunning when the temperatures plummet to sub-zero degrees.


Perhaps to highlight the Blizzard situation on the East Coast, a Warsaw-based photograph Pablo Zaluska together with his three-year-old daughter, braved the bitter winter month to capture an absolutely incredible moment on video. In testing the theory of how soap bubbles would react to the freezing temperature, Zaluska was on hand to capture the delicate freezing of soap bubbles being blown away by the frigid air at -15 Celsius just to give the world (and of course his daughter) a glimpse of winter time beauty.

To jog your imagination on how the temperature was at its worst acute level, Zaluska had to convince his three-year-old daughter that it was too cold to venture outside without putting on her jacket. The preschooler nonetheless, insisted on going out without the jacket and Zaluska had to implement his artistic creativity to convince his curious daughter. So he told her that the temperature outside there was too cold that even soap bubbles would freeze and look stunning.


With the sparkle in his daughter’s eyes, Zaluska had to fulfill the promise he had made and satisfy her curiosity about the freezing soap bubbles and to his amazement, it turned out to be one gorgeous piece of film. True to his words, the film depicts a whimsical series of how the soap bubbles reacted to the freezing temperatures. He patiently captured the careful formation of every single fragile soap bubble as it took shape through a straw before gradually transforming from a fluid sphere to a hardened round ball of thin ice.

The video shows tiny flakes slowly developing on the outside shell of every inflated droplet before multiplying after meeting up with other icy bits. According to Zaluska, forming these soap bubbles at such a freezing temperature could only happen to 5-10% of the bubbles produced. With this projection from Zaluska, you cannot stop wondering that the seven bubbles that are seen in the video might have taken forever to capture.

Watching these delicate bubbles slowly surrender to these freezing temperatures is truly astonishing. This is a true reminder that winter can, at times, be more beautiful than ever imagined. You can’t miss this.

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