The NGO out of Germany, Robin Wood, is calling attention to the impact that globalization is having on our environment with this campaign.

An exceptionally powerful and inspiring environmental campaign has come to our attention with its strong message and delivered in an way that we can’t ignore. The visual campaign by Robin Wood, a German environmental advocacy group, is aimed at raising awareness regarding the destruction of animals’ natural habitat through human activities.

Based on one of the finest visual campaign ads you’ll ever see, it features animals running for their lives while being devoured by catastrophic happenings. Using double-exposure photography technique, these animals’ skins act as the foundations for the environmental disasters caused by human activities.

Having been formed as a non-profit organization in 1982 to fight against careless deforestation, Robin Wood recruited Grabarz & Partner, an advertising agency, to create these extremely touching Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) visuals for the initiative titled “Destroying Nature Is Destroying Lives.”

These compelling visuals, which depict how arctic drilling kills off polar bear and how deforestation will render deer and monkeys homeless, send poignant message that will induce concerns and commiseration.

Powerful Environmental Campaign 01 Powerful Environmental Campaign 07 Powerful Environmental Campaign 05

Powerful Environmental Campaign 02 Powerful Environmental Campaign 06 Powerful Environmental Campaign 03

Powerful Environmental Campaign 04