How many times have we heard this from family, friends and even the dude/dudette at the bar last week. We’ll this proves that in fact a couple of glasses of vino does impact us.

To wine aficionados, drinking a few glasses of wine will obviously make them feel amazing. However, many of these wine lovers never see what a few glasses of wine can do to their facial expressions.

In a fun photo project titled 3 Glasses Later, Brazilian photographer Marcos Alberti hilariously brings to light what could be termed as an inquisitive exploration into the “inebriated human psyche”. A more clear explanation of this would be that Alberti took a series of photos to highlight how facial expressions of people change as they increasingly become tipsy.

To carry out this project, Alberti invited a couple of his friends for diner. He then started by snapping his guests as soon as they arrived. The main reason behind doing this was to capture them wineless and show the strains of a long day at work. He continued snapping his friends after one, two and three glasses of wine as they enjoyed their evening.

From the look of the portraits, it’s evident that a couple glasses of wine can seriously lift your mood. The faces of Alberti’s subjects (friends) become goofier with every glass, save for one guy who seems to remain the same throughout.

“I wanted to highlight the good side of drinking. With good friends in a happy environment, drinking wine in moderation can be a good experience,” Alberti says.

We couldn’t agree more. However, always remember to drink responsibly and never drive after drinking.