Flying a Drone Inside Byzantine Church is Downright Breathtaking

Filmmakers, hobbyists and virtual vacationers who are in love with drones will admit that it’s much easier to fly an aerial drone in an outdoor area than in an indoor platform.

But to a pair of ambitious cinematographers, the challenges and the dangers involved in flying a drone in an indoor area inspired them to capture a stunning clip of a drone flying inside one of the most incredible indoor areas in the world: a 137-year-old French Byzantine church.

Taking their love for drones and filming to another level, Guillaume Juin and Joris Favraud chose to fly their drone inside the Saint Louis Church that’s located in the northwest part of France. Guillaume took to piloting the drone while Joris took to the camera responsibilities as they set to highlight the complex features and the visual majesties of the 19th century church.

Based on the magical piece of video that the duo produced, it’s easy to project that they were so determined to show the world the interior parts of such a historical building that many of us wouldn’t usually see with just a simple visit. The video offers the church’s sun-drenched perspective and airy sense that only the birds and insects can typically get.