Our favourite Crazy Russian is back at it again and this time its not safe for kids.

When it comes to experimental videos on the internet, Coca-Cola is always on top of the list. This is because it’s a universal soft drink that anybody can access with ease. So this time he wanted to know what reaction would take place when this popular carbonated drink was mixed with pool chlorine.

So that’s what Taras Kulakov, aka our buddy the Crazy Russian Hacker, has been up to in the last few days. In this latest video, he mixes coke with chlorine – we’re still not sure why he wanted this, but hey its always entertaining, and the resulting chemical reaction is absolutely bizarre.

Nothing happens in the first few seconds when the two come into contact with each other, but moments later, the mixture unexpectedly and violently burst out in form of bubbles to create a scene reminiscent of an erupting volcano.

Even though this chemical reaction is somehow spectacular, Taras is adamant that you should NOT try this at home. Reason? The little amount of phosphoric acid that’s present in the soft drink ignites a chemical reaction with calcium hypochlorite in chlorine to produce a gas, which is actually poisonous. So now you know.