What Humanity Has Taken Away from our Planet

As humans, we have surely done well for ourselves as a race, but at what cost to the planet? Our greed and incessant, and sometime illogical, need for growth is far greater, and this destruction is all around us.

Mostly, we choose to ignore it, but sometimes someone shows us a picture we simply can’t shut our eyes to.

In his series Inherit the Dust, photographer Nick Brandt has done just that.

Inherit the Dust 04

The wilderness of Africa is one of Planet Earth’s most treasured possessions, and yet, we have failed miserably in protecting the habitat, and in this photo series, Brandt brings forth the tragedy of it all.

Inherit the Dust 03

Setting up huge posters of wild animals against the backdrop of the altered setting that is Africa today, with its poverty and struggle the series is an eye-opener, and certainly touches hearts with its contrasting imagery and powerful message.

Inherit the Dust 08

No words can put across the power these images do, so we will let Brandt’s brilliance do the talking here.

Inherit the Dust 02

You can ponder over all the images in the photo series as well as Brandt’s other works on his website.

Inherit the Dust 07

Inherit the Dust 06

Inherit the Dust 05

Inherit the Dust 01