One of our regulars is back again and as always he doesn’t dissapoint.

At times life can be so boring and during those moments, we often feel the urge to have some fun and indulge in activities that may help us discard the boredom. And because he has been to such points in life, Taras Kulakov a.k.a the “Crazy Russian Hacker” brings us an ingenious way of having simple fun that makes the word ‘boredom’ no longer non existent.

To put it into context, Taras demonstrates just how Ferrofluid can be an amazing liquid that becomes highly magnetized in the right environment. He mixes distilled water and rubbing alcohol to illustrate how Ferrofluid reacts when exposed to a magnet. When placed in the mixture of the transparent liquid, Ferrofluid forms a smooth pool when undisturbed, however, it reacts in strange and captivating ways when a magnetic field is brought closer.

You can’t stop loving how Taras makes the suspended Ferrofluid dance inside the jar. It’s almost trance inducing. Sit back and get your chill on with this experiment.