This is old school fight club stuff.

In medieval times, armored combat was a bone-crushing sport where fighters wore full body metallic suits and helmets and battled it out using swords, axes and shields. While this may sound ancient or look like an episode out of Game of Thrones, but this is actually happening in the heart of New York City, thanks to one man’s unwavering fascination with the wild and violent world of the armored combat league.

Damion DiGrazia is the man behind this short film named ‘Harlem Knight Fight’ which  follows his life as a man with a passion that drives his infatuation with the armored combat league.


image source: MEL Films

After graduating from Harvard and Columbia, joining the Air Force and putting together a successful and enviable career as a management consultant on Wall Street, it appeared that DiGrazia wasn’t finished yet. With his demanding schedule, he still has time to captain the New York edition of the armored combat league – a brutal medieval-like fight club where members are trained and encouraged to smash the hell out of each other in scenes reminiscent to “The Rain of Castamere” episode in Games of Thrones.


image source: MEL Films

And because he’s at the helm of this old school MMA-like fighting club and has suffered injuries including a displaced knee and other brutal injuries, DiGrazia is best to talk about what it takes to get in the medieval ring where fighters attack each other with swords and axes and the real dangers with this blood-spilling sport.


image source: MEL Films

Even though the sport is devoid of Game of Thrones-like beheadings, DiGrazia admits that he’s seen people break bones and limbs in this unbridled violent sport. As scary as it sounds, DiGrazia is so passionate about it and fully drawn to this thrillingly dangerous sport.