Probably didn’t think that you could make scooters cool, but you’d be wrong.

If there is one epic video that you will want to see again and again, this is definitely the one. It is a video that captures the craziest freestyle tricks you will ever imagine or see on a scooter. The video that was uploaded on the internet by Kuma Films shows scooter trickster, Anpei Yo, performing some of the craziest tricks ever captured on a video.

Being an extremely agile athlete, the moped rider exceptionally balances the scooter at various spinning speeds and gravity-defying positions. The way he easily spins the scooter around using just a single wheel would have you thinking that the scooter is as light as a bicycle. The scene where he spins the scooter while perched on the handle bars even as he uses just the behind wheel alone is so cool and amazing. Anpei rarely uses the front wheel and would have you wonder whether he actually needs it.

The only justice that you can do to such an astonishing video is to sit back, watch and disappear in wonderment of the skills and tricks involved.