On Top of the New World Center

What’s up Hong Kong?” That seemed to be the message after this duo were done climbing the 265-meter tall New World Center in Hong Kong.

And if their past achievements are anything to go by, this is what would be termed as “easy pizzy.” That’s because in the past they’ve climbed atop the 384-meter Shun Hing Square Tower in China and bettered it by scaling the 555-meter Lotte World Tower in South Korea.

This was just another normal day to Vitaliy Raskalov and Vadim Makhorov in their thrill-seeking escapades. The Russian duo of the famed ‘On the Roofs‘ crew posted this dramatic footage of their latest adventure. They sensationally scaled a construction crane on the very top of the building and made it look pretty simple.

Having climbed some of the world’s tallest buildings, this death-defying pair appeared quite at home while performing this stomach-churning antic.

“As the On the Roofs team, we recommend you put your affairs on hold for the next few minutes and take a look at Hong Kong from such an intense point of view that you haven’t seen before,” the duo casually captioned the video.

We suggest you take their advise because you’re in for a really over-the-top treat.