Artist marries love for geometry and art in a captivating exhiblt.

Showing what it takes to come up with an amazing ide, Philippines-based artist Kerby Rosanes has created a lovely series of half-geometric, half-drawings of wild animals. In the series titled “Geometric Beasts,” the 24-year-old artist draws wild animals emerging from their crystallized geometric confinements. He perfectly offers playful combinations of real animal drawings and surreal geometric forms. The artist, who is also known on the internet as Sketchy Stories, uses ordinary pens to blend his wild animals’ illustrations with detailed geometric figures.

Rosanes admits that his unique illustrations show his risk-taking side as he combines his love for drawing and mathematics to become more adventurous.

“I’m trying to break away from the societal norms by showing that each one of us is a truly unique individual. I was brought up in a society where your value as an individual is measured by various metrics and calculations that dictate how we live our lives, thereby depriving us from doing what we truly love,” he says.

His drawings are truly inspiring just as his words.

A photo posted by Kerby Rosanes (@kerbyrosanes) on

A photo posted by Kerby Rosanes (@kerbyrosanes) on