We’re big fans of body art and we’re big fans of math and science, so it’s only natural that we would love this form of geeky ink.

Once upon a time, many people used to scoff at science and math nerds but things have changed over the last few decades. Being a science or a mathematics geek is no longer something to be ashamed of because our lives, and society in general, is now so rooted in technologies that are created by scientists and mathematicians. This has not only led to this group of wise people being revered, but has also elevated science and math tattoos to a new level that would have probably been met with cynicism a few years back. For now, science and math tattoos are as fashionable as anything today.

While most of us may consider science and math tattoos as somewhat geeky, they are becoming more omnipresent and it’s no too surprising to come across a sensationally done ones. Most of these designs are in form of numbers, formulas or scientific symbols and when it comes to inking these tattoos, there are plenty of designs and theories to choose from.

The meanings behind scientific tattoos are important in giving them that intriguing status that every audience wants to know about. There are obviously a lot of science and math tattoos that we can uncover, but here are some that we think will make you fall in love with them.

science and math tattoos 03

science and math tattoos 01

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