These guys have set off a firestorm on the web to see if they are in fact geniuses or just amazing con artists, oh! sorry we meant marketers.

The Flyboard Air Test 1 video has been rocking the internet and while any news to do with innovations relating to personal flight have always caused a stir, this one seem to be one of the biggest so far. And everyone is linning up to either say its real or fake and here’s the video

Sp, what do you think?  Oh we know the actors weren’t so great – the sequence of checking parameters in the beginning of the video didn’t sound that convincing, nor did the enthusiasm when the craft landed, but hey, when you’ve got one of the most ‘innovative’ products mankind has ever seen, who needs acting skills.

While there has been quite a lot of talk on whether or not the video – and of course the claims of the makers of the Flyboard Air – are real or not, here’s why some are willing to side with the believers.

Firstly, the Flyboard Air comes from Zapata Racing, and this entity hasn’t just dropped from the entrepreneurial sky.  When it comes to flight, these guys have been quite the pioneers, and their water-powered flying gear has been a favorite with adventurers for quite some time now. So if Franky Zapata, the CEO of Zapata Racing says he’s building such a product indeed, and that the video was real, we have got to believe it.

So why haven’t throngs of people seen it yet. Well, when a product is this good, and when there is so much promise attached to it, the plans are always big, and so are the risks. Zapata says they have been working on the project for four years now – which should be enough time to seriously pursue and fairly succeed on such a project, especially with the rapid innovations in the flying segment these days – and the first time they actually tested it in flight was only a month ago.

So even though the flight in the video does seem convincing enough to reveal the Flyboard Air to the masses, we are sure there are more than a few tweaks that the creators wish to make. After all, when you have four engines firing out 250 horse powers each, a backpack with Jet A1 kerosene in it, and a board that depends heavily on complicated algorithms to balance the person atop it, we are sure it’s more than just a few tightening of screws that will do the trick.

We would love to believe it’s real, but we’re just not completely convinced.  What do you think is it real, or are we all being trolled?  Let us know.