The use of flowers is always and added bonus, regardless of the occasions, but its especially cool when its used with body art.

Flowers are beautiful, lovely and bring to mind universal feeling about grace and sensual energy of Mother Nature. We all love flowers, and that’s why flower tattoos are by far the most popular tattoo designs. They are very fashionable, unique and can be designed in various styles, colors and sizes.

Flower tattoos carry special symbolic meanings that are entrenched in our cultures and history. The most interesting thing about flower tattoos is that each design carries its own unique message. Most of them symbolize love and show the sacrifices that we go through to find true love. While they are popular with women, flower tattoo designs can also be great choices for men. The best part of flower tattoo designs is that they can be perfectly mixed with other designs such as skull, butterfly, birds, tiger and many more. Here are some of the best flower tattoo designs that we’ve found.