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A beautiful property in Scorrier near Redruth in the UK, is facing a threat that more than a couple of centuries old and more than 300 feet deep! The Cornwall house lost its patio and even a part of its garage when a sinkhole suddenly opened up to reveal a mineshaft, and the scenario does seem quite scary. Thankfully, the house was vacant so human tragedy was kept at bay, however, it gives us the chills to even imagine how many things could have gone wrong if there was indeed a family staying on the property.

The area had been the center of the thriving Cornish mining industry around 1750, and while the epicenter of this mining map lies about 10 miles away, experts believe that the tin and copper mining that took place back then means that there are probably plenty of similar shafts still dotting this landscape and most of them without us having any knowledge of where they are.

Backfilling the shafts and sealing them with large boards and logs of timber was considered safe enough at the time, and while that may have been the norm back then, today we certainly don’t expect these dangerously deep mineshafts to suddenly open up without warning!

Mark Thomas lives nearby and used his drone to give the world a better look into how deep this mineshaft actually was, and although some YouTubers are complaining, wishing he had allowed his drone to actually enter the mineshaft, we think his video is nevertheless really interesting.

Structural engineers are now hard at work to save the property from further damage, and of course, on how the mineshaft can be safely covered so it doesn’t pose any future danger.

Maybe the property owners should think hard about turning this piece of history – no matter how dangerous it may be – into a tourist attraction.