This is a wicked first person view from a racing drone

Drone racing is getting more and more popular and even with all the hype that its getting harder to find places for drone racing to happen especially in populated urban area say for instance, in New York City.

But because they’re the masters of unbelievable drone piloting skills, Team BlackSheep have just confirmed that it’s not all about a big space, but about having the skills of piloting the drones in crazily tight spaces.

Having brought the epic drone vs. buggies race and an amazing FPV of the world’s tallest building in Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, Team BlackSheep have now released a clip of their TBS Vendetta drone fly through crazy tight spots such as rolling tires, windows and more.

We’re still in awe over the amount of skills required to complete these magical drone feats as shown in this astonishing video. We truly got mad respect for these guys.